Religious OutLaw

I am an Ordained Minister, and Chaplain. I am the devoted Husband of Tammy, and Father of Cheyenne Dawn, Amanda Marie, and Jennifer Lee. In my spare time I enjoy researching the truth of the gospel as taught by Jesus and the Apostles. I walked away from organized christian religious practice at an early age, then searched every denomination, religion, Organization, and secret society imaginable looking for the real teachings of Jesus. finally instead of looking for someone to tell me what that truth is, I sat down, opened my Bible, and read it myself. With the goal of learning and an open mind to all religions, and non religions, I became a Religious Outlaw. It is my goal that with the research that I have already done, others may come closer to the truth as it is revealed to them, not as dictated by someone else. And by keeping my mind open to all teachings and ideas I might learn as much as I reveal and my life might grow as an example for others to follow or not follow as they see fit according to that which has been revealed to them by their higher power, or self realization.

All are welcome and accepted here, be they Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Satanist, WICCA, Scientist, GLBT, or whatever they may identify as. The truth regardless of whose truth it is, isn’t about what we can teach each other or how many we can convert to our view before the end. The truth is about what we can learn from each other, and what we can accomplish for each other while we are here.


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi there,
    many thanks for the follow on posts of hypnotic suggestion. It means a lot.
    Have a great 2013
    All the best

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    And have a great 2014 too!

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